Database For Aerial Data Management and Sharing

DroneDB is a fault tolerant, secure database designed to scale with the growing needs of companies that routinely organize, process, annotate and share aerial data.

DroneDB Diagram

Meet DroneDB

Built from the ground-up to address the unique challenges of managing large amounts of aerial data collected from UAVs.

Fast Indexing and Querying

Conventional databases are not designed to handle large amounts of aerial imagery. DroneDB delivers fast georeferenced data indexing and querying capabilities.

Custom Schema Definitions and Workflows

Every organization is different. DroneDB gives you the tools to setup the layout of your data, create custom metadata entities and specify workflows that integrate with existing processes.

Offline Capable

Network speeds can be a bottleneck for accessing aerial data. DroneDB lets you work entirely offline and sync up with a network server at a later time, similar to other distributed systems such as Git.

Flexible Storage

Store your data on S3, Google Cloud Storage or on your own network file system.

Secure Sharing

DroneDB lets you securely share aerial data, including processed results such as orthophotos and DEMs in seconds.

Open Architecture

Avoid vendor lock-in. DroneDB's source code will always be available.